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Stone's Auto Body (shop)
Unity Rd
Newport, NH 03773
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Body Shop, Dent Removal, Performance Alignments, Professional Detailing, Tire Mounting, Vinyl Decals / Graphics

Aug 14, 2010

Stone's is a family owned auto body and collision repair center owned and operated by father and son team, Ron and Stuart Stone. Founded in Newport NH in 1973, Stone's has a very good local rep for doing high quality automotive refinishing and collision repair. I recently was witness to thier standard of excellence. As many of you may know my Impreza was struck by a Silverado on July 21st of this year. I felt it was important that Stone's got the job as I knew they were familar/involved with custom/modified cars. The insurance company did choose to repair my car and with an initial figure of $2000 dollars worth of damage and the insurance company paying exactly that, I knew it would be a challenge for them to make the car like it was before. When my car was finished and I went to pick it back up, I was amazed. They had fixed the whole side of the car making it look virtualy brand new. The cars wheel and tire was rebalanced and the car also had received a four wheel alignment. They also detailed the car inside as well as the outside. I was particularly impressed with the way they blended the adjacent panels of my car making the whole body flow/match better than it ever has. Uf your local, I highly reccomend this shop. A+++ all around.