Hi friends,

I launched MySubie.com over a decade ago with the hopes of uniting the Subaru community in a way that no website ever had. With tools to show off your car and explore and compare modifications like no other website still offers even today, I had hoped it would become the standard for how car enthusiasts connect online. Admittedly, I was also working on growing and creating Subaru festivals around the United States, which is still my primary focus today. As a result, MySubie.com hasn't had an update in nine years and its usage has dwindled. That being said, MySubie.com will be online until April 15th, at which point it will be taken down indefinitely.

Hope to you see you IRL at Subiefest, Wicked Big Meet, Boxerfest, or Big Northwest.

Robert Champion

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Welcome to the new MySubie Marketplace (BETA)!

You happen to be staring at the world's only fully integrated, custom built marketplace to ever appear on a Subaru enthusiast website. Designed by fellow enthusiasts to suit the part shopper / community member's specific needs, the first draft of the new Marketplace features a variety of convenient ways to find the parts your looking for, a few methods to research the parts, and also an "Amazon" like vending system to encourage good deals from vendors. It's in very bare form, but don't worry. As time goes on, we'll evolve it and add features that we're confident will change how enthusiasts shop for car parts. Let's start by saying goodbye to browsing disorganized forum threads for car parts and see where this takes us.... Tell your friends :)

Robert Champion (bigbobchamp)

PS - Please be patient while we not only work out some bugs, but as our vendors start populating it with parts! If you find any issues, quirks, etc., please report your findings via the Feedback tab on the left.