Help design the MySubie wagon! A design has been chosen. Thanks for the help guys!!!

The MySubie wagon needs a new look. Think you can help? If your design or even elements from your design are used, we'll send you a free MySubie.com t-shirt and some stickers! We want to be way more creative w/ this car than the last one :)

The theme: Beach Wagon. 2.5" of more ground clearance than a stock WRX. Skid plates, and soon to come, lights, skid guard, and big honkin mudflaps.
Get started:

Download the images (wagon + logo).

Color suggestions (but do as you wish):

Tips / More info:
-20" wide vinyl is all we have, but we can piece it together
-looking to keep it grey-ish looking
-looking for edgy. think Ken Block

Email your designs to robert@mysubie.com