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Drag Wheels

This part is not currently for sale on MySubie.com
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Drag Wheels Reviews

bearilla Location: Rocky Mount, NC
 - Oct 17, 2010

white wheels with chrome lip. Chorme taillights. Clear signal lights all the way round. Stage 2 racing clutch.

Reviewed in CREAM

soldierwithin Location: Norristown, PA
 - Nov 12, 2009
2009 Impreza WRX (Uses: Daily Driver)

Not sure of the weight because I never weighed them, but they are definitely too heavy to be a "performance wheel". Although I do like that they are a bit wider than the stockers so there is still more contact patch which you can feel while cornering.
Pro's: look nice
Con's: Heavy and the paint chipped the first time I drove on a rock driveway.


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