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gthaley7 Location: Ringwood, NJ
1997 Subaru
Legacy L

How do you know if you need a new A/C compressor? The clutch does not engage but I can spin it by hand.?

asked in Engine and Engine Management / Cooling about a 1997 Legacy at 08:28am on May 01, 2011. viewed 3241 times

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derezzed6991 Location: Millbury, Mass.
1991 Subaru
Does it make noise? My did (I took the belt off from both of mine-noise gone) The compressor can fail and the pulley can still freewheel (with a slight drag on it) or not turn at all. It also could be low on refrigerant that could also cause it not to lock up-have it charged and dye added to it, check for leaks,if all ok-check for anything mechanical-and then go from there.

02:54pm on May 01, 2011

Account Deactivated
What this guy said ^^^^

02:58pm on May 01, 2011

y'know you dont really need an AC compressor, its just windows up or windows down for me :) but anyways, derezzed6991 said it best... plus if you want a professional look at it, MOST Subaru dealerships will look at it for free...

06:35pm on May 01, 2011

Location: Crossville, TN
2005 Subaru
Impreza WRX STI
More than likely, are you are low on refrigerant. chances are there is a leak somewhere in the system. The compressor will not kick on if you do not have enough refrigerant in the system as it acts a lubricant for the compressor itself. The low pressure switch prevents it from kicking on without lubrication and burning the compressor up. Luckily, your system is R134A so it is safe for the environment as well as available in stores.

12:38pm on May 02, 2011