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Best cleaning method for STI suede seats?

Unfortunately the previous owner of my STi didnt take great care of it in general, and the passenger seat has some light staining on it. Does anyone know the best and safest way to clean the blue suede seats? I'm concerned about fading the color, and I've never had to clean a suede fabric.

asked in Car Care and Detailing about a Impreza WRX STI at 11:06am on Sep 30, 2010. viewed 3821 times

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Answers (5)

I always have my seats steam cleaned at my local detailer shop.

02:58pm on Sep 30, 2010

ok. if your not gonna go to a detailer then your going to have to buy a couple of supplies.
1. a suede brush
2. white vinegar

be sure to vacuum the seats extremely well removing all the dirt and debris from the cracks. next apply a small amount of vinegar to the suede brush and start thinking of your favorite porn star and go to town on those seats. it may take a couple of tries but should work for some light stains. my buddy had the same issue and this worked well for him. good luck!

03:51pm on Sep 30, 2010

Account Deactivated
just take it and get it detailed then you don't risk messing them up yourself and if the detailing place does it you get a new interior.

12:31am on Oct 05, 2010

Tim-WRX/ST... Location: Riverhead, NY
VAcum it well and use a product call AFTA it can remove just about anything with out damaging the material. It smells bad but cleans good. Use it with the doors open and leave them open while t drys

08:34pm on Jan 29, 2011

MySubie Mafia
Location: Lexington, NC
1999 Subaru
Legacy GT
Steam clean the suede and use a suede brush to get all the fibers going in one direction. To keep the suede from holding stains, use some spray on leather water proofing just like what you get to treat suede shoes. This polymer will not allow stains to set in the fabric. Hope that helps

11:42pm on Jan 29, 2011