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Factory Remote Starter in '08 outback? How do I know if I have it?

I just bought an '08 Outback Limited a few days ago, and to my knowledge, it does not have the Remote Start on it. However, I was checking the air filter, and noticed on the plastic intake duct there's a big orange warning sticker that says "THIS VEHICLE IS EQUIPPED WITH A REMOTE STARTER."
I only have one key for the car, and it doesn't have any special remote start button. I plan to take it to the dealer to get another key, but is there any way to tell if it has remote start otherwise?

asked in Electrical and Lighting about a 2008 Legacy Outback at 10:17am on Apr 22, 2010. viewed 2843 times

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Answers (4)

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It's probably just best to ask the dealership, they should be able to tell you.

02:19am on Apr 23, 2010

Etdrt22 Location: Brookfield, MA
2008 Subaru
Impreza WRX STI
the dealers the best way, the keys aren't cheap though.

08:53pm on Apr 23, 2010

Spdfrk92 Location: Stuarts Draft, VA
1992 Subaru
CT I had the same experience on a used car.The answer I received from the dealer is that my remote starter was not factory installed.An aftermarket add-on remote starter was added.I am sure many members here have the factory remote start.Do they have the warning label?If not then chances are it is an after-market remote starter.Just drop by your nearest dealer.Hope you find a remote to start the car.Good luck!

03:26am on Apr 26, 2010

The Stock Subaru remote start was a seperate key fob included in that package. Its basically just a second remote you have to have dangling from your keys, that only has one button on it. You could probably get one really cheap off ebay, and program it yourself. Heres a link to a page that might be helpful to you: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/keyless.html

10:30am on Apr 27, 2010