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My fuel guage does not work, do I repace the Fuel pump to fix it?

My Impreza fuel guage will some times go to the top, some times it will work other times it will sit at the bottom, of the guage. I think I have to replace the sending unit but Im not sure how to do it. Any one know how to do it on a 93 Impreza L Wagon. I have done it on chevy, ford, and dodges but this one seems different.

Additional Details:
The sending unit is inthe tank, and my brother will help me change it now i just have to get the money up to get a new one. but thank you for helping me confirm my suspetion.

asked in Engine and Engine Management / Injectors and Fuel System about a 1993 Impreza L at 12:57pm on Sep 10, 2011. viewed 2800 times

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Pump has nothing to do with it. It sounds like the sending unit is screwed up.

06:30pm on Sep 10, 2011

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MySubie Mafia
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Check your fuel level sending unit, or the gauge itself to verify the needle spring has not broken or given up the ghost. Most of the time when the gauge is bad, it is an indication of the sending unit failing from the tank. If you need some help finding the unit or checking it out, hit me up. I will drop by and check it out for you.

08:59pm on Sep 10, 2011

I know I'm a bit late adding my two cents but it could also be a bad wire. If the wire is cut but still has some insulation at the cut, gauge at the top = shorted to ground, gauge at the bottom = no contact, and gauge working=wires touching. So if you don't have the money but you have the time, you might as well take a peek at the harnesses if you can. Odd are against this if the gauge works accurately at times though.

08:37am on Sep 26, 2011