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Price for shop to change timing belt on '06 WRX?

asked in Maintenance and Service / Pulleys and Belts about a 2006 Impreza WRX at 12:23am on Feb 08, 2011. viewed 4054 times

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MySubie Mafia
Location: Huntsville, AL
2012 Nissan
Maxima SV
If you take it to the dealership it will cost anywhere from $500 to maybe over $1000. If you can find some other shops that you feel comfortable letting them work on your Subaru for right at $500. Or you could find a mechanic friend that knows what he is doing and just pay for parts and a case of beer. You have to do what you feel is right and try and save some money. Good luck and let us know how it works out.

07:46pm on Feb 09, 2011

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subaru78 Location: Cape Cod, MA
2008 Nissan
Versa S
Avg Shop are $60-$90 (HR) Labor Rate depend on shop and about 2-4 hr job safely no problem. And it tricke job is got make sure it dual cams line up right both side. Dealer MA is probably best place avg $85-$90 (HR) Labor Rate.

01:08am on Feb 09, 2011

Heaman1 Location: Newport, NC
2006 Subaru
Impreza WRX
dealership here is 850 for the whole job, they dont just replace timing belt but the front cam and crank seals do to at about 80000 mi they commonly start to leak.

05:41am on Feb 10, 2011

bluwagon Location: San Marcos, CA
2005 Subaru
Impreza WRX
wow. I got a quote for timing belt on my car for $1200... I have been trying to find someplace cheaper.

09:20pm on Feb 10, 2011