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Reverse lights not working?

hey i have time and money to upgrade my car with, so now i need to address another problem.... i dont have reverse lights, and the fuse isn't broken, and it has new bulbs.... any ideas on this? its a safety concern more than anything...

asked in Electrical and Lighting / Taillights about a 1997 Impreza Outback Sport at 09:15pm on Jun 01, 2011. viewed 9646 times

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There are a couple things you could look into.
- Make sure there is no corrosion on the terminals themselves and check for contact on the bulb.
-After you check the terminals, use a test light to see if you are getting any power back to the terminal from the main wiring harness.
-If your not getting any power back to the terminals themselves, it may be your reverse switch located on the tranny. Depending whether its a 5 speed or auto it either the reverse switch or the neutral safety switch.

09:34pm on Jun 01, 2011

Also, check the sockets for the bulbs. They can melt down where the contact is and cause the bulb not to work! Good luck!

08:39am on Jun 03, 2011

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There is a reverse light switch on the transmission that tends to fail on older cars, 9/10 its the switch, It is relatively cheap and easy to install, it just screws into the side of the tranny.

04:26pm on Jun 04, 2011

derezzed6991 Location: Millbury, Mass.
1991 Subaru
The harness was too short (at the point near the hinge) so after all the up and down movment of the rear gate-the wires would break apart-just wiggle them and see if the lights come on.

10:43pm on Jun 11, 2011

The reverse light wire comes from the transmission. On my '01 it's the brown with yellow stripe, it traces from the reverse light down by the fuel pump to the reverse probe. if you can unplug it from the probe you can either use a meter or a light bulb to find the source.

It is also the same on an '97 RHD STi harness i have, though the wires arent always the same colors on all models, but most imprezas are wired the same. OBD1 is similar.

08:59pm on Aug 03, 2011