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Whagt would cause my front end to sway while driving?

Just replaced both front CV AXLES on my 94 Impreza L and now it is swaying from side to side while I drive. im also getting a metal to metal grinding noise on the drivers side front when I make right turns. Could it be the ball joint or a bent tie rod end?

asked in Suspension and Brakes / Misc about a 1994 Impreza L at 04:38pm on Aug 20, 2011. viewed 1526 times

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Answers (2)

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i would check all your nuts again to be sure nothing is now loose after an initial drive. bad tie rod ends can make you sway back and forth feeling like you have play in the steering wheel

07:05pm on Aug 28, 2011

My ball joints were toast a few weeks ago, and they were so bad I thought that the struts were actually bad. When i hit bumps it made a loud clanking noise, and when I had the front end jacked up, I could grab the wheel and shake it quite a bit. May sound stupid but MAKE SURE your axle nuts are very tight, and crimp the edge into that little groove on the axle so it doesn't back itself out

07:29pm on Sep 03, 2011