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Whats the best solution for cleaning little watr spots and what not withought having to do a full cleaning?

asked in Car Care and Detailing at 11:50pm on Sep 28, 2010. viewed 680 times

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MySubie Mafia
Location: Madison, AL
2004 Subaru
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if ur talking about water spots on your paint after washing it, quick wax is the shiiizz, its in the auto-cleaning section with everything else.

spray on wipe off and water spots are gone and new shiny paint is visible! wah-lah

or the Mr. Clean thing that attatches to your hose, i've heard many wonderful stories but am still to cheap to purchase....quick wax for the poor folk
/ well i guess mr clean met a poor family and dropped his price.

10:20am on Sep 30, 2010

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what your best off doing is hiring one of those chemical vacumes from your local supermarket they sputry out a cleaning agent mixed with water and suck up all the gooey muck

01:20am on Sep 30, 2010

^what he said

Meguiars quick detailer works wonders with a microfiber. I use it on my bike all the time. It hardly sees any water.

I have a mr. clean thing that I got from big lots for $10. It works really good for when you dont want to dry your car. If you do it right it comes out spotless.

10:45am on Sep 30, 2010