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Where would be a good place to get aftermarket headlights or have them made for my 99 forester S?

I'm looking for some aftermarket lights for my 99 forester S to replace the stockers the deer took out last winter, i found a couple of place that customize lights but they averaged over $375 and thats if you already have the lights, i just want to buy a set if possible... If not, can i bolt on a 01 or 02 forester headlights, hood and grille? (like you would put 97 or newer impreza equipment on a 94)

asked in Electrical and Lighting / Headlights about a 1999 Forester at 06:23pm on Jul 19, 2011. viewed 1017 times

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Answers (5)

01:04pm on Jul 20, 2011

MySubie Mafia
Location: Huntsville, AL
2002 Subaru
Impreza WRX Wagon
I'm not sure you're going to find an aftermarket light for you car. An alternate solution could be sourcing some JDM lights, but that would require replacing the hood/grill from a JDM model as well.

If you're looking for something with more output I would look into Lightwerkz or Theretrofitsource. Both offer great products for retro fitting a set of OEM lights into an HID projector which will GREATLY increase light out put.

12:41am on Jul 25, 2011

richysteele Location: West Haven, CT
2005 Subaru
Legacy 2.5i
Have you checked ebay yet? Or maybe u should look into jdm replacements.

01:34pm on Jul 28, 2011

young wheels Location: South Windsor, CT
2005 Subaru
Legacy GT
Try www.blackflamecustoms.com and if they don't offer your make and model message them especially subarus they will use your car as a prototype and give u a discount they aren't cheap but they are well worth it they can do a lot to the headlights

07:05pm on Jul 29, 2011

LandenRomero Location: Peconic, NY
2014 Subaru
There are many online shops out there that offer aftermarket part for all vehicles. When mine was smashed out, I have researched thoroughly and found http://www.iautobodyparts.com/subaru/fo … rts-0.html to be the suitable in terms of quality and price. However, as I said there are lots of online shops available, so you can search a bit and find the best one that matches with your expectation and budget.

06:18am on Nov 11, 2014