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Why would I be leaking coolant on the drivers side from behind the timing cover?

I noticed a puddle under my car about a week ago, but didn't think much of it. Well, it started over heating yesterday and when I looked it seemed to be leaking coolant from the drivers side from behind the timing cover. Would that be a head gasket, water pump, idk much about Subarus so I have no clue. Please help!

asked in Maintenance and Service / Cooling about a 2000 Legacy Outback at 09:31pm on Feb 21, 2013. viewed 3695 times

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Answers (6)

derezzed6991 Location: Millbury, Mass.
1991 Subaru
The water pump is located at that very spot-If you didn't drive it in the red, the heads should be ok-but you should deck the block to make sure-you DO need to do the head gaskets, w/p, t-stat, crank and cam seals, t-belt, and the tentioner NOW!

11:00pm on Feb 21, 2013

blown head gasket

07:10am on Feb 22, 2013

MySubie Mafia
Location: Huntsville, AL
2002 Subaru
Impreza WRX Wagon
Your symptoms say water pump. If I remember correctly the "weep" hole is behind the driver side timing cover. While you're in there do timing/tensioner, and headgaskets if they haven't already been done.

12:30pm on Feb 22, 2013

Location: Crossville, TN
2005 Subaru
Impreza WRX STI
Usually your overflow bottle will overfill due to coolant being pushed out the engine due to the influx of exhaust gasses. Not saying this happens all the time but most of the time it does.

You will need to remove the timing belt items to do a head gasket so replace the water pump too.

02:36pm on Feb 22, 2013

Mine was doing the same thing a couple years ago. Your Head Gasket is on it way out. It's an expensive fix so if you love your car your gonna have to pony up, or count your losses and get ride of it before it becomes undrivable.

10:47am on Mar 03, 2013

Apass88 Location: Philadelphia, PA
1997 Subaru
Legacy GT
The gaskets should be replaced anyway if u did over heat they came out with some not to expensive gaskets felpro I think it's spelled right there supposed to stop the blowing gaskets easy issue I just did mine runs so great but check that pump first

12:06am on Mar 04, 2013