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MySubie Mafia
Location: Madison, AL
2004 Subaru
Impreza WRX Sport Wagon AWD

goo gone on paint?

well after purchasing a bottle of "Goo Gone Spray Gel" at Home Depot, i was reading the directions and applications and saw that it said it was safe to use for bug/tar/sap removal....

anyone tried it yet? pos. neg. effects?

Additional Details:
read a forum or two, they say its fine to use.... still has anyone had personal experience?? i trust a subie ownner over someone with a fiat and Goof Off is a NO NO, leaves hazy look afterwards....

asked in Car Care and Detailing at 02:36pm on Aug 24, 2010. viewed 10521 times

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Answers (9)

Goo gone spray is safe. I have used it on my wheels, that I painted and cleared myself, and I didn't notice any difference. If nothing else after you use it give it a good waxing on that area. That's what I do after removing decals and such.

03:35pm on Aug 24, 2010

I used it to remove the adhesive left behind from debadging. You will be good to go but I prefer to use tar and bug remover.

04:58pm on Aug 24, 2010

ya go gone is safe i used it to debadge a few badges on the back of my hatch and it is fine...like stated earlier id put a good coat of wax on it afterwards because it does look a little hazy until u do that. now u cant even tell there was a badge there at all

05:00pm on Aug 24, 2010

Kentaro Location: South West Michigan
2004 Subaru
Impreza WRX
Goo gone works pretty good but I got some 3M general purpose adhesive remover and it works even better. Though the 3m stuff costs a bit more.

05:01pm on Aug 24, 2010

i got a thumbs down on that? better than using a hairdryer and floss and all the other crazy ways people come up with to de-badge. Take it from a 2 year Paint prep, car paint is my knowledge. Eraser wheels dudes!

12:45am on Aug 25, 2010

MySubie Mafia
Location: St. Robert
2011 Subaru
Forester Limited
Goo gone is fine. I have used it for debadging and also removing the adhesive left behind on two clear bras. It will not hurt it but if you are still a little worried, just wash the car after. Hope this helps.

08:19am on Aug 25, 2010

i used it after takeing off my dads decals off his truck, deff better off using the spray, and definately clean it off after using it

05:57pm on Aug 27, 2010

MySubie Design Master
Location: North Quincy, MA
2007 Subaru
Impreza 2.5i SE
You'll be fine using it in small spots. I wouldn't go over the whole car with it, lol. Wash it and throw some wax on when done and you'll be good to go.

04:27pm on Sep 02, 2010

I used it when I debadged my trunk. It worked very well. I highly recommend.

01:30pm on Sep 27, 2010