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philipfred Location: Danville, CA

planning to get a 2000 outback, it has noisey wheel bearings how difficult/expensive to replace?

asked in Drivetrain / Accessories about a 2000 Legacy Outback at 04:50pm on Jul 07, 2010. viewed 674 times

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MySubie Mafia
Location: St. Robert
2011 Subaru
Forester Limited
In my opinion, you should have who ever is selling the thing replace them and then buy it. It is wrong to sell broken stuff. Also, if there is something wrong and they won't fix it, what else could be wrong that they don't want to fix. Just from experience and don't want you to get screwed.

06:28pm on Jul 07, 2010

PltmreX Location: Reno, OH
1995 Subaru
If you still decide to buy it...then they are a press type. Meaning you'll have to have the old ones pressed out and the new ones pressed in.

09:51pm on Jul 07, 2010

First, if this is a personal sale, then you'll get what you pay for. You can ask the seller to replace/repair parts, but they are not required to do anything as they are most likely selling, as-is. If they do tell you they will repair/replace something, get it in writing before the sale.
Now, NASIOC link with pics, showing a very good and informative process to change a wheel bearing. I'm not sure whay model/year this is done on, I'm pretty sure it's similar though. Note: Press required. GL!

03:53am on Jul 08, 2010

ask to take the car to a dealer and have their mechanic give it a once over. Maybe more wrong with it then bearings....

09:34am on Jul 08, 2010

Definitely have the car looked at by a mechanic before you go any further, for all you know, the car could have a few more things wrong. Also ask for some form of maintenance record including tune-ups and oil changes and so on. Be knowledgeable about your purchases before you make them.

08:39pm on Jul 08, 2010

its not too difficult the bearings would run a little over 100 for both sides in the front but a shop would have to get them pressed in and maybe have the shop install them to so either negotiate the cost of the car for the price to have those replaced or just have the person your buying from replace them

09:33pm on Jul 08, 2010

you can get subaru knuckles from some junk yards for 30 bucks each... whole knuckle/hub assembley. it's easy to swap the whole thing. and if you come across a bad knuckle, then the junkyard may have a return policy... i would go that route before getting Brand new OE bearings and having someone else press them or pressing them... but that's my 0.02

10:52pm on Jul 10, 2010

kevinfores... Location: Foresthill, CA
1995 Subaru
I have done my wheel bearing multiple time. It costs around $250 for the bearing, seal and a machine shop to press in the bearing. The rest is on you or it will be more than that.

03:51pm on Aug 10, 2010