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MySubie Mafia
Location: Antrim, NH
2009 Subaru
Legacy Outback 2.5i Limited

what would cause front end shimmy at speed with balanced wheels? warped rotor?

i had a bad shimmy in the wheels, so i put on a set of tires that i know are balanced. it had less shimmy, but still there. could it be a warped rotor? or is there some other cause?

Additional Details:
i jacked it up and felt for play top to bottm and side to side and it seems tight. i also went and put some air in them. and the speed is usually 55 and higher. at 65 and accelerating it is less but when engine braking back to 55ish it shakes horribly could it have anything to do with the flywheel? they just put a new clutch in?

asked in Drivetrain / Misc about a 1998 Legacy GT at 11:31am on Jun 05, 2011. viewed 10203 times

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Answers (9)

richysteele Location: West Haven, CT
2005 Subaru
Legacy 2.5i
the shimmy would increase when you brake i'd pay attention to that. but in the process of elimination i'd start with the rotors then check the axles. leggies are infamous for there week axles.

12:57pm on Jun 05, 2011

this might be dumb, but check your lug nuts, if one is loose, the whole thing will shake...

02:42pm on Jun 05, 2011

Account Deactivated
Definately check your upper and lower ball joints also. If your noticing it worse when your turning at high speeds its most likely those. Lift the front end onto jack stands, grab your wheels/tires, moved them back and forth and see if there is any play in them.

05:13pm on Jun 05, 2011

So it could be a bent wheel or you have unbalanced tires if there is no play in the front end?

09:47am on Jun 06, 2011

kevinfores... Location: Foresthill, CA
1995 Subaru
It just came to me.....you said that you had a clutch installed. I am willing to bet a hell of alot that it is the tranny mount. It would definitly make sense if this started happening after they changed the clutch. I'd say get under the car and see if you can wiggle the tranny or check and see if any bolts are loose (or missing)......

03:47pm on Jun 06, 2011

nickd711 Location: Fitchburg, MA
2009 Subaru
one of my old subarus always had uneven treadwear for some reason.. something to check out.

11:09am on Jun 08, 2011

MySubie Mafia
Location: Huntsville, AL
2012 Nissan
Maxima SV
Is there any chance that they could have knocked off a balancing weight on the drive shaft?

07:29pm on Jun 08, 2011

Could be blown struts in the front, check the tires for "waves" or really awkward tread wear, if its your rotors that are warped you will feel it under braking, front rotors will shake the wheel, rear rotors will shake your booty, there's my 2 cents mate :)

05:02am on Jun 16, 2011

MySubie Mafia
Location: St. Robert
2011 Subaru
Forester Limited
Start simple, double check wheel weights. Move on to the tires and make sure they are installed and mounted correctly. some tires are directional and also need to have certain sides mounted out. Rule out the tires and then move to alignment and wheel integrity. After that, it is more than likely ball joints or similar problems. All of the above answers are good. Just go through and eliminate one by one. Good luck.

09:56am on Jun 16, 2011