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forcesofodin Location: Boxborough, MA

Wbattles Location: Gadsden, AL

afreakinwo... Location: Gwinn, MI
A/C not working?
asked by afreakinwookie in Maintenance and Service | 5 answers, 2309 views | 11:06pm on Jul 07

MySubie Mafia
Location: Lexington, NC

afreakinwo... Location: Gwinn, MI
Are the radiator hoses on a 02 WRX and an 02 obs the same?
asked by afreakinwookie in Engine and Engine Management | 3 answers, 335 views | 11:54pm on Feb 24 | resolved

LovesSubies Location: Issaquah, WA
Overheating 96 Impreza?
asked by LovesSubies in Engine and Engine Management | 8 answers, 3461 views | 05:18pm on Dec 06

jhenshaw55 Location: Tampa, FL

SubaruSean Location: York, PA
Re-Charged Air Conditioning cost.?
asked by SubaruSean in Engine and Engine Management | 3 answers, 631 views | 09:39pm on Jun 14