Hi friends,

I launched MySubie.com over a decade ago with the hopes of uniting the Subaru community in a way that no website ever had. With tools to show off your car and explore and compare modifications like no other website still offers even today, I had hoped it would become the standard for how car enthusiasts connect online. Admittedly, I was also working on growing and creating Subaru festivals around the United States, which is still my primary focus today. As a result, MySubie.com hasn't had an update in nine years and its usage has dwindled. That being said, MySubie.com will be online until April 15th, at which point it will be taken down indefinitely.

Hope to you see you IRL at Subiefest, Wicked Big Meet, Boxerfest, or Big Northwest.

Robert Champion

Site Updates

I blew it.

Sorry guys, I ran a script that accidentally reverted the database to yesterday's backup. Anything that you did in the past day is essentially gone. First time since launching a year and a half ago that something like this has happened, so I'd say I was overdue. My bad. Hopefully it didn't totally mess you up.



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Caution! Another new shirt!

--> http://www.mysubie.com/store <--

Just added to the MySubie store:

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Thanks for all of the feedback!

I've been getting tons of feedback emails and lots of people have been posting up ideas / requests in the feedback forum lately. I must say even though it's tons of work added to the queue, it's great to know so many people are hoping for more out of MySubie.

I just returned home from a long trip (WBM Event Director is one of my *other* jobs) and am ready to start busting out some of those new / overdue features (big fat marketplace!) along with the many requests that have been received.

I really appreciate the patience, too. Even if I haven't replied yet, do know that I've taken note and take each thought seriously. MySubie is growing way faster than I ever expected, but hey, it's good problem to have :)

Robert Champion

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New Shirts! New Stickers!

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Just added to the MySubie store:

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Need MySubie.com Flyers?

And want to take credit for your referral?

Use this!


That's right - it dynamically generates a high res PNG with your screenname on it (if you're logged in). Save the file to your computer and pop it into a doc however you see fit (most likely two big ones on a page or shrink them down as small as business card sized).

And like everything, let me know if it's broken or if your screenname doesn't fit on it right!

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The MySubie Video Sweeps Winner is brazucawrx

brazucawrx was the lucky randomly selected contestant for MySubie's first giveaway!

For watching this video he won a $100 gift certificate from JNA Performance!

The 10 users that won free MySubie t-shirts are:

Stay tuned for more contests and sweeps down the road!

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Feel like spreading the word about MySubie?

The MySubie Mafia could use a few more members.

What is the MySubie Mafia? It's a tight knit bunch of Subaru enthusiasts excited about and dedicated to growing a new and very unique community: MySubie.com. We go to events, flyer every Subaru in sight, spread the words through all means possible, and we're all over the country. You've probably noticed we're also some of the most active and enthusiastic members on the site.

We won't bribe you to be part of the member, but there may be rewards here and there. If anything, it's a good excuse to be part of something new and exciting, a great way to make new friends, and an excuse to hit events as often as possible. You'll have an allegiance with the MySubie community, and you can take all the credit you want for helping it be the fastest growing Subaru enthusiast site on the internet.

Sound interesting? If you're an active member on MySubie, send a message to bigbobchamp and tell him how much you'd like to be a part. Only a couple people get let in a week, so be patient!

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Got some Photoshop skills? Help design the MySubie wagon!

The goal: To design a cool and original vinyl layout on MySubie's future marketing mobile.

Think you can help? Got some ideas? Click here!

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Ridiculously Huge MySubie.com Overhaul

With some help from fellow enthusiasts, I've spent the last month completely reworking the site to be more useful and make more sense. Almost everything on the site has been changed, so I encourage you to look at every page and click on every link as though it was your first visit ever. I can't possibly explain to you everything that was done, so here are the highlights:

-Every person, business, classified listing, club, event, etc. is now assigned to a region (some things can be national).
-The site structure was reorganized to browse according to topic with helpful tools inside. It used to be the other way around.
-The forum is not gone, it was just split up to where discussion was relevant. All subforums still exist, and new ones were added.
-Driver Blogs are gone for now. Sad I know, but threads can serve a similar purpose and will get you much more responses.

To find the rest of the updates and new features, just browse the site! If the overhaul works like planned, it won't be too hard to figure out. If you have questions or feedback, please please please use the blue tab on the left and let me know. This is your site, demand perfection!

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New Features! New Shirt! New Vendors!

Some big changes have been happening that you may have missed.

New features have been coming out like mad, so here are some you'll be most interested in:
-Club Discussion: clubs now get their own individual private forums!
-Maintenance Schedules + Logs: a place that isn't monitored by a dealer for you to keep track of your maintenance, plus reminders on what is coming up / past, and some products to help on the way....
-Q+A section: designed to remove off topic banter, this is for you when you want answers and less noise
-Message all club / event members (if club or event owner/admin): that's right, you can send a message directly to everyone to keep members up to date

We have vendors and vendor listings!
AZP Installs
ECS Performance
SPO Motorsports
JNA Performance
Turn in Concepts
Mountain Tech

Go here for Vendor Listings

I'd like to present MySubie's latest shirt sporting the new MySubie logo:

You can of course purchase in the MySubie store.

Don't forget to use that little blue feedback tab on the left when you've got something to say!


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Subie Maintenance Survey

Hey guys,

We need your help! In order for us to offer you something super helpful w/ your car maintenance, we've created a survey asking you about your current methods / needs.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability. We've got some cool stuff on the way, and as always, it's based off of what you tell us :)

Here's a link to the survey:


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It's been a while....

...since you've been updated. So, here's a run down of what is going on in MySubie land:

We just released a new t-shirt that is available for order at the MySubie Store.

This one is for the rally enthusiasts:

We're currently working very, very hard on providing a section devoting to providing enthusiasts such as yourself with some valuable resources. It'll be released bit by bit over the next few months. Here's a sneak preview of what is in the works (blurs intentional):

Lastly, the site is still growing wicked and/or hella fast! We're about to break 2800 members having just beta launched 5 months ago!

Look at how packed the map got:

Stay tuned for more updates and releases of original subie enthusiast features/tools at MySubie.com!


PS - don't ever refrain from using that feedback button on the left

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Share Something!

Keep your Subie fans n friends up to date with your car oriented happenings, thoughts, etc. It's kind of like facebook status updates, but directed towards the Subaru community and not so much your work / college buddies.

On the dashboard under the favs tab, just cilck "Share Something".

You can add a picture to whatever you feel like sharing, link your car to it, an event/club, or just any old link to something interesting.

It's a great opportunity to share some of the little details you might not make a whole new thread about. Just try to keep it Subaru / community oriented!

You can also leave comments on the things people share.

Comment on people's updates
Just type and tag/add something!

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Seeking MySubie Mafia Members!

Your goal: spread the word to as many Subaru Enthusiasts as possible

You get: to be responsible for helping build a Subaru community unlike any other, as well as free access to premium features, many of which are still being developed

Mafia members are provided with tools and direction to help get the word out both locally and on the internet. In order to be accepted you must be an active member on the site and someone that we can deem trust worthy. After all, you'll be personally representing the MySubie brand.

We're currently only looking for new mafia members outside of New England and based in North America. Send me a message if you are interested.

-active member on MySubie.com
-active member of your local Subaru community (you have lots of subie friends and attend events frequently)
-outgoing personality

MySubie Members are everywhere! Let's keep filling in the map!

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A New Section For Rally Enthusiasts!

MySubie.com has partnered with Rally America to bring enthusiasts from the MySubie community closer to the upcoming and exciting rallies and teams.

You can:
-Declare yourself a rally fan
-Join the Rally America Club on MySubie
-Post your favorite Rally Vids
-Get info on spectating at the next rally or the one closest to you
-Stay up to date with Rally America news
-and more to come!

As always, if you have any ideas, use that little feedback tab on the left to let us hear them. Enjoy!

Visit www.mysubie.com/rally

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