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Seeking MySubie Mafia Members!

Your goal: spread the word to as many Subaru Enthusiasts as possible

You get: to be responsible for helping build a Subaru community unlike any other, as well as free access to premium features, many of which are still being developed

Mafia members are provided with tools and direction to help get the word out both locally and on the internet. In order to be accepted you must be an active member on the site and someone that we can deem trust worthy. After all, you'll be personally representing the MySubie brand.

We're currently only looking for new mafia members outside of New England and based in North America. Send me a message if you are interested.

-active member on MySubie.com
-active member of your local Subaru community (you have lots of subie friends and attend events frequently)
-outgoing personality

MySubie Members are everywhere! Let's keep filling in the map!

posted at 11:35am on Jul 30, 2009 by RChampion


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