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It's been a while....

...since you've been updated. So, here's a run down of what is going on in MySubie land:

We just released a new t-shirt that is available for order at the MySubie Store.

This one is for the rally enthusiasts:

We're currently working very, very hard on providing a section devoting to providing enthusiasts such as yourself with some valuable resources. It'll be released bit by bit over the next few months. Here's a sneak preview of what is in the works (blurs intentional):

Lastly, the site is still growing wicked and/or hella fast! We're about to break 2800 members having just beta launched 5 months ago!

Look at how packed the map got:

Stay tuned for more updates and releases of original subie enthusiast features/tools at MySubie.com!


PS - don't ever refrain from using that feedback button on the left

posted at 09:40pm on Sep 26, 2009 by RChampion


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