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Some Things You Might Have Missed

Before I start telling you about features that are coming out, here are a few neat features you might have missed:

Galleries - aside from being a free photo host for your Subie pics, did you know you can tag vehicles that are within the pictures? Those pictures will then show up on the vehicle profile of said tagged vehicle. It's kind of like Facebook tagging. Actually it's exactly like Facebook tagging.

Club/Event Invite Tools - it's not just about representation of your club or event. Use the invite tool (it's a link on the right of the club or event page) to get more people to join in! Invite your favs/fans or people within proximity to you that haven't heard about it yet.

Wish List Tools - browsing forums manually is so old school. Add a part to your wish list and click a button. Shopping new? Vendors get emails on your behalf. Shopping used? We crawl all of the forums (even the ones you're not on yet) to find the part for you. It's as simple as that.

Anyone I invite will be alerted about my event!
We know what every vendor carries and who to email.
You're not on every site with used parts. We are.

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We were long overdue for a place to keep you guys up to date with what's been happening on the site, so here it is.

There are a whole ton of exciting updates and features coming this summer so stay tuned!

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