adidas2284's 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS


goals: Dependable Daily Driver, Casual AutoX Car, Weekend Track Car
uses: Daily Driver
whp: 325
wtq: 290
1/4 mile: N/A seconds @ N/A mph
0-60: N/A
weight: 2820 lbs
color: Blue Ridge Pearl


Hi, my name is Matt. I always had a obsession for Subaru. One of my dream cars was to have a STi swapped old school RS since I was in college. I finally came across a steal of a deal back in 07 and serried my Subie. After 4 fun filled years, I finally had the finances to perform my dream. I bought a V5 front clip after being torn on which direction to go. This allowed me to have everything I need to sap the motor with little to no modification.

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