//S4_Dustin's 1993 Audi S4 2.2t


"Dustin`s car"

goals: Dependable Daily Driver, Sleek / Sexy Street Car, Offroad, Rally Inspired, Ultimate Sleeper, Casual RallyX Car
uses: N/A
whp: 280
wtq: 300
1/4 mile: N/A seconds @ N/A mph
0-60: 5.50 seconds
weight: 3800 lbs
color: Green


Pretty much stock 1993 S4. Tuned ecu up to about 20 psi. Euro spec corner lights.
Never dynoed or drag raced to my knowlege. 16" stock forged rims. Nice smooth powerband. Made about 260tq at around 2000 rpm stock. I love this thing.

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