PlummRS_406's 2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS



goals: Dependable Daily Driver, Offroad, Rally Inspired, Competitive RallyX Car, Casual AutoX Car, Casual RallyX Car
uses: Daily Driver, Project Car, lawn ornament, Rally Cross, Mountain Driving, Dirt Drifting
whp: N/A
wtq: N/A
1/4 mile: N/A seconds @ N/A mph
0-60: N/A
weight: 2950 lbs
color: Platinum Silver Metallic


now that I have a new project car, some of the big HP N/A build plans for Willow have been ditched. Now she's gonna stay an oem+ DD. the last few bits of the puzzle are going to be a light bar with a set of Hella Black Magics, a rear diffuser, front bumper/lip, hood deflector, spec C roof vent, more flocking and maybe some springs to kill the Suby Sag

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